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GirlUp gvl founder Kim Mogan Portrait

Kim Mogan, GirlUp GVL Founder

Kim has a heart for service and a passion for helping girls be better today than they were yesterday.

Kim draws on her own enriching and empowering experiences to lead GirlUp GVL. A Greenville-native, she has worked in the nonprofit sector since 2011, and had years of extensive experience mentoring middle, high school and college students prior to launching GirlUp GVL. Kim knows first-hand the power and impact of positive role-models and wants to see girls in the Greenville-area rise up to their full potential.


Rebecca McClure

Rebecca Hayes, Middle School Program Coordinator

Rebecca has grown up in Greenville her whole life and has a love for the city.Rebecca has grown up in Greenville her whole life and loves the city. In High School she began working at Mountain Goat and later interned with GOAT, which created the desire to work with students. She has a love for middle school students and wishes to empower them to become the best they can be through relationships.

Kaytlin Cook

Kaytlin Cook, High School Program Coordinator 

Kaytlin, a Greenville Native, graduated Clemson in December of 2020 with a Major in Communication and minors in Psychology and Nonprofit Leadership. During her time at Clemson she volunteered with organizations such as Neighborhood Focus, Safe Harbor, and of course, GirlUp GVL! 

Program Consultants


HartFitness Team teaches a variety of fitness classes.

Hart, Mind, Body & Soul, is built to focus on every part of your B.O.D.Y. For us BODY stands for Balance Optimism Dedication and Youthfulness. 

From meditation, to mental health, virtual fitness classes and more in person Pilates and Yoga sessions. We are firm believers of keeping your body healthy and happy. Everything starts with the mind and goes down to the soles of your feet. Open your minds and your HARTs to our company!

Dr. Sheherah Williams
Dr. Shaherah Williams

Dr. “S” joins us to lead us through mindfulness and breathing practices.

Visit her at http://drsspeaks.com

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