Are you interested in bringing your experience, passion, and talents to girls in Greenville? Are you 18+ years old and willing to do a background check? Check out the needs and then fill out the form below to start supporting youth in our area.

Volunteer Needs

Lead Garden Volunteer

If you have worked on a farm or grow your own food, we would love your help with the GirlUp GVL garden.



Looking for a way for your group or company to be connected to the community? Look no further!


Extracurricular Volunteer

Your gifts and talents are unique! We would love to have you share them so that we further develop ours!


Transportation Volunteer

By helping us drive, we can connect to the world around us!



We know you can help root these girls on! Who doesn’t need someone else on their team supporting them.


Committee Work

Maybe working directing with kids isn’t your thing, but you still want to help out!



Food is the way to our hearts!


Career Host Volunteer

Bring us into your world! We would love to see what you do and how you got there.


Academic Tutor

Your time brings the opportunity for our academic success.


New Volunteer Steps

  1. Fill out the contact form below
  2. After reviewing your submission, we’ll reach out to you over phone or email
  3. If things seem like a match, we’ll do a background check
  4. We’ll meet in person after the background check clears to discuss next steps depending on your areas of interest and our areas of need

Volunteer Form

Background checks will be done following initial contact and review.