Enriching young women with positive formative experiences that replace obstacles with opportunities.

What We Do

Our goal is to initiate early, life-changing success by empowering our girls to reach their highest potential. Our programs are geared towards creating experiences for our students to lead to greater enrichment and empowerment.


Middle School

  • Afterschool
  • Summer Camp
  • Individual Success Planning

High School – GrowU

  • Weekly Enrichment Classes
  • Summer Internships
  • Individual Success Planning

We also offer in-school Leadership Groups.

Our Programs

GirlUp GVL on Instagram

Impossible to capture all the fun we had this year, but thought we might as well try😉💕 We couldn’t be more proud of these ladies and we cannot wait to see all the summer holds! ...

Wrapped up our fourth school year last week - and it was a sweet one. Even with a quick glance through our posts from the year (which is barely a glimpse), it’s hard to comprehend ALL that we did, accomplished and overcame during the year. It’s humbling and encouraging to be welcomed into lives and families, all with the same goal of helping girls reach their fullest potential. We are forever proud of WHO these young ladies are 💕

Stay tuned for more scenes from our family dinner 💕

BEYOND proud and excited for our two seniors!!! Over the past seven years of knowing them, they have remained consistent in being true to themselves and dedicated to being the best versions of themselves. They are WELL ROUNDED young women who have embraced opportunities to continue to discover more of who they are. They applied to a combined 18 schools and were accepted into ALL of them, continuing to pave the way for our younger crew. This fall they will both be attending @ncatsuaggies and we can not WAIT to see them shine ✨Stay tuned for how you can celebrate with them at their #GirlUpGVL graduation party in June 💕 ...

Community. Connection. Safe place of belonging - where you get to be the best version of yourself freely. This is #GirlUpGVL.💕

Throughout the year it’s so fun to see how each group of students forms this safe space together. It’s come up a lot recently - how in so many spaces you have to be X or Y way in order to fit in or blend in - where there is a lack of acceptance of who you truly are - the good and the hard. We are incredibly honored to work with students across Greenville County who are creating these beautiful spaces together.

If you are fortunate to be around any youth, please take time to LISTEN to them. There is a depth of wisdom and insight that so many miss hearing.

Not excited to see these two incredible interns go! They wrapped up their last week with us this week and we are sad. They have jumped into our #girlupgvl family and we are so grateful for all of their hard work and all the love they shared with our girls throughout the semester. 💕 ...

We are excited to announce that #GirlUpGVL has received a grant from the @millikenandco Charitable Foundation! We are so excited to have their support for our summer clubs, swimming and art! A big THANK YOU to the @millikenandco Charitable Foundation! 💕 ...

We wish we could hangout with @marleylilly every week! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our girls in the second annual Marleylilly + GirlUp GVL runway show! We can’t believe it’s already been a week since the show. THANK YOU @marleylilly for allowing our girls to have this experience! They had SO much fun. 💕 ...

It’s #VolunteerAppreciationWeek! We are SO thankful for all of the amazing volunteers that help us here at GirlUp! We couldn’t do what we do without you, so THANK YOU! 💕 ...

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