Enriching young women with positive formative experiences that replace obstacles with opportunities.

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Opportunities to explore new things help girls to develop a sense of self as well as discover their gifts and talents.


Structured routine, regular academic assistance, and a trusted advocate create a path to personal fulfillment.


Developing responsibility and life skills create confidence, which leads to better choices and a brighter future.

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“I didn’t even know that was a career option.” Our girls have taken what they learned about themselves through their personality assessments and researched some careers they may be good at. She discovered being a social worker is an area of interest. We love seeing the girls find ways to discover more of who they are, learn more about the world around them, and dream about the possibilities of the future 💕 ...

New accomplishments and new adventures, and we’re only one week in! ✨

“Make smart decisions and be yourself.” “I learned how to respect others.” “How to make decisions for myself.” “How to do public speeches.”
These are a few of the things some of our middle school crew said they learned last semester at #GirlUpGVL. These girls SHOW UP and we are excited for the new year with them 💕

Our crew is back together and getting ready for the new year! We can’t wait for students to join us next week 💕

This photo was taken @pmacgvl birthday party! Along with finalizing all the many details and planning that goes into programming, we will also have another opportunity to collaborate with them in training this week! We are so thankful to be able to share resources and work together for our greater common mission with like organizations such as these!

Also - not pictured, RIA!!

We are so grateful for this year - all the learning, growing, connecting, experiences. It’s been a full year - the good, sad, hard, joyful, and all the in between. So many of YOU have been a part of our year and encouraged us along the way. THANK YOU! We may be biased - but we have the pleasure of working with THE BEST girls and we are honored to do life with them. Looking forward to all the next year brings. ...


Got as close to a whole-group photo as we could at our annual Christmas party. The evening was filled with love and laughter as we played Christmas charades, exchanged secret Santa gifts (thank you to @aubnana for making this possible!) and of course dressed in our matching Christmas pajamas (another GirlUp GVL tradition). We hope that for everyone who celebrates this day is full of the love of friends and family! ❤️

Our virtual holiday card from our crew to yours! 💕 ...