Enriching young women with positive formative experiences that replace obstacles with opportunities.

What We Do

Our goal is to initiate early, life-changing success by empowering our girls to reach their highest potential. Our programs are geared towards creating experiences for our students to lead to greater enrichment and empowerment.


Middle School

  • Afterschool
  • Summer Camp
  • Individual Success Planning

High School – GrowU

  • Weekly Enrichment Classes
  • Summer Internships
  • Individual Success Planning

We also offer in-school Leadership Groups.

Our Programs

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Thanks @foxcarolinanews for stopping by to hear about all things #GirlUpGVL and hear from the amazing young women who make up who we are 💕 ...

Monday for our high school enrichment session, we hosted a “Career Conversations” workshop, where the girls participated in a series of conversations with women from our community in varying career fields. Kind of like speed dating - but learning about careers - the girls rotated tables to speak with each woman here. The bonds formed in this short period of time were nothing short of priceless! So many of the girls were able to talk to professionals in their desired career fields, and others left considering career options they hadn’t before. This photo is such a beautiful testament to the amazing women in our community, and the power of women pouring into each other’s lives! 💕

A big thank you to @4ebonysullivan & @jhylin_ with @cassyelectric, @mlka0705 with @leagueacademysc, @ck_murphy sharing about being a physical therapist, @jenniferrosado with @rosadopropertiesgvl, Toni Carter with @tonituckerco, and Charlene Mangle with Loving Arms Healthcare Services!

A few of our favorite things about #GirlUpGV! 💕 hope it’s been a great spring break but we can’t wait to get back to programming and finish the spring semester strong. We have lots of exciting things happening! ...

“When I was in the class, I thought about that sheet. And I just accomplished one of my goals”

YES!!! This crew joined our friends @drivealerttrainingacademy for classroom instruction and to take their permit quiz. AND THEY ALL PASSED 🙌 for us, it’s not JUST doing driving classes. It’s all part of our Individual Success Planning where we take intentional time to meet with our students to map out their goals (through goal setting worksheets as mentioned above) and create additional opportunities (or find things around them!!) for them to reach these goals - and champion them along the way. Grateful for this wholistic approach at supporting our amazing girls 💕

**also - the reality of getting a good photo with a crew of teens 🤣**

Taking a break from the work - It’s SPRING BREAK 💕 ...

Coffee is served! Thank you @bridgecitycoffee for supporting our girls! They had so much fun putting their skills to the test yesterday and learning more about the coffee industry! 💕 ...

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. - Michelle Obama

Happy International Women’s Day from GirlUp GVL! 💕