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High School Program Coordinator

The GIrlUp GVL High School Program Coordinator plans, coordinates, leads and executes all High School programming. This position also plays a vital role in establishing networks and opportunities for connectivity within the local community for the sole purpose of enriching the lives of GirlUp GVL students. The High School Program Coordinator partners with the Executive Director and Program Director to research, identify, develop and sustain key relationships within the community for the betterment of GirlUp GVL students. This position will be a key intermediary between students and their parents, teachers, employers, current and prospective educational partners as well as other key community advocates – clear and regular communication between these key stakeholders is critical. The GirlUp GVL High School Program Coordinator’s effectiveness will be based on their ability to establish healthy relationships with students, successfully deploy program curriculum and activities, and their engagement with community partners to successfully identify and meet the individual needs of the High School students.


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We are looking for talented individuals to join our team for our school year 2023 – 2024 program. Come build in the lives of the girls of our community with an internship that uses your gifts to meet our needs.

Marketing Intern

The Marketing Intern partners with the Executive Director to plan, develop and execute marketing campaigns, and
assists with program activities with GirlUp GVL Program Attendees. Additionally, the Marketing Intern will support
and lead marketing activities such as promoting program events, social media campaigns, volunteer updates and
newsletter communications

Program Intern

The Program Intern partners with the Executive Director and Program Assistant to plan, develop, execute and
assist with program activities with GirlUp GVL Program Attendees. The Program Intern’s effectiveness will be
measured by their ability to plan, organize and support GirlUp GVL programs following leadership’s direction.

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